The Craft: Advanced Fundamentals of Screenwriting

with Lucy V Hay aka @Bang2Write

Worried that the fundamentals could be holding you back?

NEWSFLASH – they probably are!

There’s literally THOUSANDS of screenplays out there in limbo that could go somewhere … if they were simply WRITTEN BETTER!

The Craft: Advanced Fundamentals of Screenwriting is a must for any writer who needs to get laser focus on their actual pages and elevate their projects from ‘good’ to ‘recommend’.

Be it structure, theme, plot, characters, scene descriptions, dialogue… Each area will be addressed and you will learn how to refine, reduce and write with significantly greater impact.

The goal is to get the reader to EAGERLY turn the pages of your script, and leave it with the rubber stand of ‘recommend’.

So, buckle up and prepare to massively transform your writing!

When: TBC
Where: TBC
Standard Ticket: TBC

Lessons From the Classics

Ever wondered why some movies and television feels timeless? It’s because they’re good stories, WELL TOLD – their fundamentals are totally on point!

During the class, we’ll be looking at the different craft elements of such classics as The Shawshank Redemption, Body Heat, Die Hard, Alien, Thelma & Louise, Juno, The Handmaid’s Tale and many more. We’ll discover WHAT these produced masterpieces can bring to the table in terms of our understanding of the fundamentals of screenwriting.

Bring your laptops, pens, highlighters, print-outs and game-faces! Expect to write and rewrite.

What Happens Over the Two Days?

In this highly practical Masterclass, you will learn how to create screenplays that stand out from the tsunami of good (but not killer) scripts out there… Key elements covered include:

  • HOW to write MORE visually to create powerful images in the reader’s mind
  • HOW to craft your characters so they become even more unforgettable
  • HOW to write dialogue that sparkles, giving unique voices to each character
  • HOW to avoid dialogue taking over your scenes
  • WHICH structural methods will keep you on track and how to avoid overthinking
  • HOW to spot and avoid your ‘static scenes’ and ‘false movement’ and remove forever
  • WHY ‘good craft’ is NOT just screenplay formatting!

This Masterclass is tailored for those who want to gain understanding of how writing craft works on the actual page, so writers can ensure readers, agents and producers truly ‘get’ their story.

The Craft: Advanced Fundamentals will equip you with the ability to SEE script-writing on the page in a whole new way … Put simply, this class will make you a BETTER WRITER.

‘Lucy is hilarious, incisive and just plain brilliant…the arse-kicking superhero of screenwriting!’
Jade Syed-Bokhari, Filmmaker

What Is Included?

This is an interactive writing workshop that will give you the tools to make better choices from foundation level every time you write.  In other words, we will be writing and rewriting on the spot, as well as facilitating and strengthening our feedback skills. During the workshop we will be reading one another’s work and giving feedback in pairs and small group work. In the class we will be analysing:

  • Unclear concepts and muddy loglines and how to rework so that they crackle
  • How the first ten pages can work FOR you – or AGAINST you
  • How to overcome expositional issues and backstory problems so your story flows effortlessly
  • How to spot and eliminate pace killing scenes that feel essential but can be reworked or cut
  • How to inject new life into character role functions that feel samey or generic
  • How to clarify genre conventions that may feel confused or stale in your story
  • How to rewrite scene descriptions that feel overwritten or overly prescriptive
  • Zing it up and kill boring chains of dialogue
  • How to leverage often maligned devices like flashback, montage, dream sequence – they can be used to great effect
  • And much, much more!

We will be breaking down your story, script and characters and then putting it back together, better than ever…

‘A fantastic weekend packed with useful and actionable information from a script expert, I would highly recommend this course.’
Clare Wilcox, Screenwriter

Warning: This Class is for SERIOUS WRITERS Only!!!

If you’ve been to Lucy’s Live Script Edit at London Screenwriter’s Festival, then you know drilling down into the fundamentals of screenwriting is HARD WORK. You may hear things you don’t want to about your ideas, or have to confront gaps in your craft knowledge. But we’re all in this together –you just have to COMMIT to taking your writing to the next level and seeing it through. Are you ready and willing?

When: TBC
Where: TBC
Standard Ticket: TBC

Commit now to becoming a better Screenwriter. See you there!

If your screenwriting is not taken to a whole new level during the workshop, I will give you a full refund on the spot. Remember, as an organization, we are in the trenches right beside you. We have made films, we are making films and we connect with hundreds of experienced filmmakers through the London Screenwriters’ Festival.

Chris Jones // Creative Director